Dec 7, 2009

Mavado/Kartel Unite On Stage In West Kingston Jamboree

After days of speculation that peace is in the air, and that peace talks were well underway, it’s now official that the ongoing Gully/Gaza feud seems to be at as an end. Just minutes ago, on the spot updates via Twitter by Mavado’s manager – Julian Jones-Griffith – and music promo giant Johnny Wonder, indicate that Vybz Kartel was called on to the stage at the annual West Kingston Jamboree in Tivoli Gardens, and that Kartel and Mavado then proceeded to perform live on stage together.

The above is a photo (courtesy of Liv Up Records) of the two on stage in front of the massive West Kingston crowd; probably the first time in approximately two years that they’ve shared the stage.

The Jamaica Star reported over the weekend that Vybz Kartel has extended the offer to Mavado to meet in Half-Way Tree in an effort to publicly resolve their issues. Kartel told the Star:

I can undoubtedly speak on behalf of David when I say there is no animosity between the parties.

Let it be known that in a gesture of goodwill, faith and patriotism that I, Adidja Palmer, will be making myself available on Wednesday of next week, December 9, to stand with David Brooks in Half-Way Tree, at noon, under the famous clock to show Jamaica that we’re patriotic and as such, are bound to secure the well-being of such. I am calling on the relevant authorities, who also have a stake in resolving this public feud, to endeavour to make it happen in a peaceful, organised manner.

Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith was contacted by the Star and had this to say:

We are heartened that Vybz Kartel is now prepared to move forward with a positive intent and we expect a plan of action to be formulated at this meeting. This was exactly what we were trying to pre-empt with our invitation to Vybz Kartel to attend Mavado’s birthday party.

Mavado and I recently met with Bishop Herro Blair and we put forth the idea of a peace march headed by Mavado and Vybz Kartel from Cassava Piece/ Big Yard right to Half-Way Tree or to stadium where both could perhaps give a unification performance on stage together. This message of peace would be compounded by a ‘paint-out day’, ridding communities of the Gully-Gaza graffiti that now decorate many a wall and zinc fence, with the artistes also taking part. We also think a tangible message of peace could come in the form of a peace record.

I’m going to hold my opinion until we see what transpires on Wednesday.

SOURCE:, Jamaica star


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