Mar 11, 2010

APPS: whaZZup for BlackBerry Lets You Know What’s Going On Around You

whaZZup for BlackBerry lets you know about all sorts of events going around you using your built-in GPS.


View all kinds of events (NBA, IPL, Educational etc) of the day around you (app remembers your last location)

View events for a week for a month

Page navigation will be enabled if the events are more than 50 Shortcut keys help you save time to load screens

Change city option for browsing locations other the current one

Search for venues matching keywords

Add the event or venue to favorites

See the venue location using blackberry / google maps (if available)

Use your mobile’s gps to set your current location

See detailed description about the event, picture of the event

Search for similar category events

Know if the event is commercial or free with a facility to book your tickets on if ticket url is specificied

Known issues:

Events screen scrolling is a bit jumpy and I am currently working on to fix it.

Nevertheless it is still usable.

GPS may not work in some cases on some CDMA devices due to carriers

CDMA users may have issues with the app as the developers suggest but try it anyway

DOWNLOAD LINK: Download whaZZup for BlackBerry >>


1 comment:

  1. Awesome application! I think businesses can use this application for gathering information about what’s happening around their area. It would be helpful for them to easily know if their competitors are holding an event to market a new product or service. This way, firms can easily and quickly react and compete.