Mar 31, 2010

Red Stripe Bold Socamaloo “ROAD MARCH WATCH PARTY” on Carnival Sunday

Red Stripe Bold along with The Soca Outlaws will be ensuring that traditional party‐goers and soca lovers will still be palancing this and every Sunday at the newly constructed Keycard Beach Village, the only white sand beach in the heart of New Kingston. The Soca Outlaws have completely transformed what used to be the Superplus Parking Lot into a white sandy beach, complete with, Keycard Sun Deck, Red Stripe Bold Trampoline, Wet Zone, Pool, Helshire style fish and festival and so much more.

The series, which kicked off on Sunday, March 28, 2010, was non‐stop soca madness, the name itself, which is a fusion of soca and dancehall music, promises to be one of the most anticipated carnival series for the soca season. The series boasts a different theme each week. The resident dj’s for the series, Renaissance and 3rd Dimension Music will guarantee that partygoers will be thoroughly entertained.

“Carnival season in Jamaica is such a highly anticipated time of year, so we wanted to enhance the existing carnival activities by adding a bold and unique experience for our partygoers. By creating a new beach‐type venue right in the heart of the city, adds a completely new dynamic for our patrons … great food, great music and of course Red Stripe Bold and NCB Keycard, provides patrons with a great alternative for their Sunday afternoon,” stated Delano of Renaissance, one of the promoters for the series.

The highlight for the series will be the Road March Watch Party on April 11, 2010, between the hours of 10:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m. This location provides patrons with the perfect view on Carnival Sunday, as the revelers will be chippin’ past this route twice during the march. The event will also be inclusive of Red Stripe Bold and Johnnie Walker for all patrons, before 12:00 p.m. for only $800.00.

After the Road March Watch Party, the series will continue on April 18 and April 25, between the hours of 2p.m. – 10 p.m. The only two commonalities in the series will be: the recession friendly prices, and it being the hippest place to be on a Sunday afternoon. The promoters guarantee that patrons will not only be “wowed” but will have an unbelievable experience.

For further information patrons are invited to call the Socamaloo hotline: 777‐ Soca or join us on facebook. The series is sponsored by Red Stripe Bold, Keycard, Tru Juice, CVM TV, Events R Us, ZipFM, Island Ice, Catherine’s Peak, Intec, Event 2 Event, Bars to go and Quest Security


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