Mar 30, 2010

Sean Paul Hair Style A Hit or A Flop?

The artiste posted two pictures of his new haircut on the social networking website, Twitter, about two weeks ago. He referred to the new hairdo as a ’speehawk’.

The pictures have had mixed responses. A pleased fan said, “Very sexy! Nice face, nice music, winning look!” Another said, “I love how you look when your hair cut short, it’s been so long!”

On the flip side, one person commented, “OMG! It looks awful! Him shudda make it fade out instead of taking everything off di side.” While another said, “He looks weird, way too dramatic.”

The pictures have also found themselves on US-based On the website, before and after pictures were shown of the artiste, where they say he is “rocking an interesting new hairstyle.”

Meanwhile, word out of his camp is that he decided that it was time for a change after wearing braids for his last three albums; Dutty Rock, The Trinity and Imperial Blaze.



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