Apr 21, 2010

Defend Mi Own by Bramma Receiving Multiple Spins on Radio

Since the release of his first official single on Big Ship Label, Bramma admits to feeling the wave of excitement the song has ignited. " Defend mi Own has totally re-energized me and seems to be my first potential hit since the start of year" Both Bramma and Di Genius are confident that this particular song will go beyond boundaries none of his other songs have gone considering their deliberate intentions to enhance production in order to engage an international audience.

‘Defend mi own’ started off sounding like a prayer before Bramma changes his flow sounding crisp and clear spitting catchy Dancehall lyrics that throws some heavy blows at his detractors and of course Stephen McGregor being as multi-talented as he is threw in the harmony to create one of Bramma's best work to date.

For Bramma one can detect a level of maturity and prowess on this track as well as notice the absence of his seemingly crying style often heard in his songs, the clarity in his voice is now razor sharp allowing for proper word pronunciation. On this track Bramma also exercises the use of clever writing skills to tone down the usual aggressive manner in which Dancehall songs come across as well as contributes to the elimination of un-necessary rhyming at the end of a bar.

On the track Bramma states, "nuh bwoy can't call and threaten we pon we phone" obviously throwing stones at whomever it hits. Could this be a direct attack on a former empire artiste? Bramma also released another single called "Brave heart"that stinging if you have not heard that you should.



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  1. Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will like it like I did.