May 31, 2010

Busy Signal Completes Video Shoot for Let Peace Reign

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal displays another side of his musical artistry with the release of the song, Let Peace Reign. The acoustic recording features Ranoy Gordon on guitar and Nikki Burt on harmonies.

The song is a plea for peace and an end to the crime and violence that has taken over not just Jamaica but other parts of the world.

“The inspiration for the song came as a result of things I see happening around me. The economy, the system, the fight and the struggle,” Busy Signal said in an interview on the set of the video shoot.

The video which was directed by Melissa Llewellyn was shot in the rehearsal studio at the Big Yard label on Westminster Road in Kingston.

According to Busy Signal, the song wasn’t recorded based on the recent series of events that took place in the island. “The song was recorded about three months ago but it is relevant to what happened in West Kingston’, said Busy.

Let Peace Reign was produced by Shane Brown for Juke Boxx Productions. It is the first single from the dancehall artiste’s upcoming album, DOB, which is due out on July 13 via VP Records.
Asked whether he has lost a close friend or family member due to gun violence, Busy replied,”I have lost people who were close to me and it’s always a tragic moment.”

Quizzed if the gun violence that he sang about on the recording mirrored a personal experience, Signal was quite cautious in his response. “Once when I was young in my teens … but mi get pass that. There are different negatives out there but it doesn’t justify for anyone to get involved in crime and violence. But at the same time its not every youth who is able to stay strong and remain focused.”

The deejay is confident that the song will hit the right notes and connect with persons who want to see a change. He pointed out that those in authority who are able to make a change should first start making the change within themselves.

“Some people love to point the finger but they need to look within themselves because crime and violence is a worldwide problem. Yes, Jamaica needs some fixing up and I am making a start to that recovery process by contributing this song.”

Let Peace Reign is also the first single from an upcoming acoustic album featuring various artistes. The project is being produced by Shane Brown.

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