May 12, 2010

Dancehall Artist O'Neil Edwards (Voicemail) Opened His Eyes After Been Shot 5 Times

Kevin(left), O'Neil(middle), Criag (right)
It seems that our prayers are working because O'Neil Edwards, a member of the dancehall group VOICEMAIL is getting better.

O'Neil was shot multiple times, in the head, chest and abdomen and unfortunately lost his thumb during the incident. There was a bullet lodged in his head but has now moved down to his neck. Although he is still in the hospital, he is recovering!!

It started with a twitch of the finger and simple movements proving that he was acknowledging that there was people around but last night he opened his eyes!!

The doctors gave him a sedative so that he can go back to sleep so that his body can heal itself. It's too soon to say much.. but I do like the direction this is going in!!

While preliminary investigations into the Edwards attack have suggested that the motive behind the attack could be robbery, detectives involved in the investigation are now in the process of apprehending the suspects they believe are responsible.

"We have been working on some strong leads, which have so far led us to the recovery of the artiste's cellular phone which was robbed from him," the Area 4 crime officer, Deputy Superintendent Michael Hugh Phipps, told The Gleaner yesterday.

Check out the pics below of the community prayer in HALF WAY TREE .



  1. I never understand Jamaicans! Look how many hate songs these people promote and sing about, and now that one of them has actually been handed his own medicine..... you are praying! Hell with that!

  2. hotskullMay 26, 2010

    gyal guh suck u madda u would have to be jamaican to understand whats goin on suck fuck you, u grandma, an all yall white mothafuckaz

  3. Britney is right and I am Jamaican. You're response hotskull just goes to show how ignorant and hotheaded Jamaicans are. Unno a tek God tun poppi-show... Dem DJs fi stop sing fucking hate and gun songs or dem fi get some more fucking bullets so dem will hear fi stop...

  4. rip oniel u will always bee in our life big up to my cousin kevin in voicemail also we love u .... oniel u r sum where safe RIP LOVE U

  5. I dont understand, a few bad jamaicans do something violent, and every jamaicans get blamed, it is so not fair. I am proud of being jamaican regardless, but what's going on now, I dont know. We as jamaicans need to come together, to help stop the violence,so we can live in peace, and unity.

  6. bashmentbabyJuly 22, 2010

    u is right hotskull, Britney nuh understand weh Jamaican`s hafi go through every day. mi no care wat people want to say about Jamaican`s me is one to and mi proud of wat da the singers a sing bout