May 21, 2010

Heidimad Reviews Aidoina's Concert in Sweden

The concert in brief was that it was simply better'll tell you about the evening.
We arrived quite early types of Rio Rio, which was damn stupid for what we knew was that we had several hours of waiting to go before Aidonia would appear on stage. So there were three tough girls sober and waited for something to happen, luckily the weather was nice so we could sit outside for a while. After a long time more people started to drop in and we went downstairs to the Rio to play Rough Lynx as the music was nice. Was pretty tough and I wait with the world's menstrual cramps so I thought I would vomit and pass out in pain, but it was only to bite the bullet.
After one o'clock at some point so Aidonia appeared on stage with Sickinhead and Suhverto (all three from Jamaica) All behavior was soo nice! stood as close to the stage that I got his sweat on me hahah sick, it was nice anyway. A little hard pressed to people behind that I sometimes had to fight to not fall on the scene.  
What was really disturbing was full of these girls who thought they could dance and jumped up on stage and strutted against this poor man. Clearly he is used to girls who pushes out her ass in his face, but the girls here can 'throw themselves into the wall if you compare how people danced in the Caribbean.  
One of all those who were on stage you could type a girl's thing, but the rest just stood and shook his butt, but who can not do that as well? would gladly skipped over to see some people on stage with his pookie rubbing and at one point laughed Aidonia bit embarrassing for a girl who thought she dancehall queen. but now I will not sit here and talk shit just because I happened to be sober, I thank God that I had not been drinking even one drop of it becomes that way with alcohol in the body we believe we!

I think it was nice that it was not as mkt people because it was sufficiently hot and sweaty with those who were there and I saw good shit out there in the heat. Aidonia jumped into the audience and drove a bit which was really fun and he was doing his gig after two and afterwards he took his cards with "fans" and "groupies" I was really happy when we took the taxi back to Maia. Was not so much sleep because I had work yesterday and also closing. So I began 6:30 this morning so it was just nice to get up 4:30 so now I'm really tired, can probably put me to sleep soon, I think tomorrow is waiting for a job but nice that it is after all weekend and when should I do NADA.


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