May 12, 2010

Police Nabbed Suspect Involved In The Shooting of Entertainer O'Neil Edwards (Voicemail)

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A suspect in O'Neil Edwards (of Voicemail) shooting was found dead and another held by the police. Sources close to the case revealed that O'Neil cell phone was found on the dead man in the Chancery Hall community this afternoon.

The other suspect was caught last night by the Manchester Police in that parish and is being schedule to be transported to Kingston for questioning .

Preliminary investigations into the Edwards attack had suggested that the motive behind the attack could be robbery.

"We have been working on some strong leads, which have so far led us to the recovery of the artiste's cellular phone which was robbed from him," the Area 4 crime officer, Deputy Superintendent Michael Hugh Phipps, told The Gleaner yesterday.

The entertainer was shot several times while attempting to enter his home in Duhaney Park, St Andrew, early Monday morning.

Up to this afternoon, he was still hospitalised in critical condition.

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