May 17, 2010

Rumors: Di Genius and Macka Diamond in Secret Relationship

Maybe the American trend of older women and younger men, aka, the Cougar Phenomenon, has finally caught on officially in Jamaica, or maybe it’s just business as usual with a little misinterpretation, but whatever the situation is, according to many, it looks extremely suspicious. 

He (Stephen) is a mere twenty years old , and Macka Diamond is in her thirties, but age is obviously not a factor in what is being whispered as dancehall’s latest union, because the word on the street is that lately, Macka has been spotted on more than one occasion, beating the sun on the way out of Stephen’s Havendale residence, incognito style, incognito car included; so with all this happening, the only logical question that’s left to ask is, what is the real story behind the rumours, is there something to the whispers, or is this merely another musical union interpreted as something else? 

“That’s exactly what it is,” says Macka with a mischievous smile, which exploded into outright laughter. 

“Me and Stephen!” she said with both a smile and in a shout, eventually composing herself and continuing with. “Yuh si how people stay….Nothing like that, we have just been working together on a few singles, one of which is “Don’t talk to mi,” which was just released on his Catalog rhythm, which also features Aidonia, Assassin and Chino, and it has led to some late night and early morning movements. 

Stephen’s studio is at his house, so wha dem a talk bout, if dem did sey me and Freddie, then dem woulda a talk,” states Macka, obviously making light of the rumour. 

“Dem always have something fi sey bout me,” continues Macka, “but it’s all good, maybe it’s my grown and sexy side that’s keeping them talking, so what can I say?” asks Macka, obviously flattered by the rumour. 

With that cleared up, and it now being obvious that Macka is not too old for Di Genius; his rhythms that is, Macka is at it as usual, jetting off to Canada later this week for a performance alongside Lady Saw, and then heading to South Florida for the Labour Day Celebrity Football Match, which will be followed by her much anticipated Book Launch, right there in the Sunshine state. 


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