May 26, 2010

Swiss Organization Protest Elephant Man Concert in Lausanne, Switzerland

In a statement on its website, the Swiss organization for gays Pink Cross has called for cancellation of a concert by the Jamaican Dancehall artiste Elephant Man in Lausanne. O'Neil Bryan real name, is the guest of I Am Shy, a private club district Borde, Thursday, May 27.  
"Killing machines"

"Would you go to a concert during which calls for anti-Semitic violence would be pronounced?" Asks Pink Cross in its press release dated May 21 And to request the prohibition of entry of Swiss artist - even if his homophobic texts, called "killing machines of gays and lesbians brutalise" are not interpreted on stage. More On This Article 

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  1. I m sick fuck ... Each time a dancehall artist to come that makes stories ... LISTEN WELL it is in Switzerland in a country free to say what you want! We accept you see the parade made that you are gay you are obliged to look at you down the street you preach ... 're proud good for you ... But do not kill me you made congestion is closed roads for you .... Everyone's opinion has now Elephant Man homophobic German texts you have people take the parliament has not one ARTIST THAT COMES ONCE A YEAR .!!!!!!!! 1 TELL YOUR SKE VOUS THINK, BUT HE HAS THE RIGHT TO FURTHER THE DIRE ... I FIND ITS disgusting