May 16, 2010

Ward 21 on "Shake Up Ya" European Tour 2010

Ward 21 are currently on their »Shake Up Ya« Tour through Europe alongside Bassrunner Sound (Austria) and we’re very happy to support it.

On Friday, our friends visited the show at Zapata (Stuttgart, Germany) and were blown away by the energy they’re still bringing to the stage after all the years in the business. Besides their heavy live set, they also really enjoyed the selector’s section. Ward 21 member share his experience with a blog entry via their Bada Bada Blog:
We just finnished the first round of shows. Bienne, Switzerland... Stuttgart and Konigseggwald, Germany. Today we fly to Vienna, Austria for 2 rest days (which will be anything but...). Ago link up mi good bredrin Camel, do some studio work and get ready fi round 2 in Naples, Italy on Wednesday. The shows were so much fun and the people were magnificent. The show lastnight started messed up tho...crazy mic feedback but after it got was on. At the end of each show we do a selectors set where we become selectors once again. In this set we play the songs on the Cosa Nostra riddim to introduce it to those not in the know. That part is so much fun, going all the way back to our roots and musical beginnings aided by our tour manager Adam from BassRunner Soundtribe. You should see us emceeing like back in the day...maaaad on the stage! Cosa gone... Packing now so later people...
The other dates left are:

19.05. Naples, IT
20.05. Catanzaro, IT
21.05. Rome, IT
22.05. Taranto, IT
23.05. Zurich, CH
24.05. Berlin, GER
25.05. Amsterdam, NL
26.05. Catania, IT
27.05. Nova Gorica, SLO
28.05. Stockholm, SWE
29.05. Malmö, SWE

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