Jun 7, 2010

Beenie Man vs L.A Lewis while Lil Kim Shows Her Goodies @ Serani Birthday Party

There have been reports that Beenie Man and LA Lewis were in a tussle at O'Neil Edwards funeral over the weekend. Details are sketchy but it appears that the incident was a result of LA Lewis scratching Beenie's car with his. This caused the self proclaimed king of dancehall to discipline the the Graffi Gad.

Of all the places to grab an attention, they chose the funeral of the former Voicmail member. If this is not distasteful we dont know what is. There has to be some element of genuine mistake here, or is that LA Lewis dont have insurance?

Serani Birthday Bash

Serani celebrated his birthday at webster hall recently and was Hosted by Lil Kim.. and Ray J.

Serani did his thing as usual... and of course once Kim is in the building things are not gonna be normal. There was a bit of indecent exposure on Kim's part.  Kim dropped tracks and have the crowd in a frenzy with hit are hit.

Serani took the stage at about 2:10  and delivered a stunt performance.

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