Jun 3, 2010

Bobby Chin, from Black Chiney Hospitalized After Best Of The Best Miami

Bobby Chin, from Black Chiney sound, was viciously beaten and hospitalized on yesterday morning after the finaly the Best Of The Best Miami memorial weekend. The party was held at the Mansion, was called NY vs Miami was a clash to remember, NY Sounds: Massive B/Steelie/YoungChow/Platinum Kids vs MIA Sounds: Black Chiney/Supa Sound/Poison Dart/Innocent Sound.

During the clash words were thrown on stage by the selectors from NY and Miami and in the end, ALL from NY punked out and did not want to play any more tune. 

After security left and thought they squashed it, on the way out he was attacked,  sources identify the attackers as Jabba (Massive B) and Young Chow from Hot 97, Platinum kids from Bronx and Pretty Posse from Queens. He was then rushed to the hospital.

Sources who witness the situation unfolded wondered Why dem never step to Twitch, or Poisen Dart, or Innocent after they also told the NY sound "fi suk dem madda!" 


  1. I was thereJune 04, 2010

    this is such a lie .. that dude did not get hospitalized. you guys have issues . you need to find interesting topics to write about instead of making up bullshit .. They did kick off but it was a fair one ... suck yuh mada is disrespect and the other shit son was saying on the mic warrants the assing he got . talking about young chow diamonds is cloudy come on are we in high school .

  2. So let us know what happened if you were there, put a stop to all this rumor. You said the fight was fair, so who an who kick off

  3. One man vs 8 is fair??? You juss a next dumb muthafucker. And what him say never mean him fi get wah him get. NY ppl dem a some sensitive pussy.