Jun 8, 2010

What Caused Reggae Artist Gyptian Motorcycle Accident

Gyptian was last night involved in a motorcycle accident along Molynes Road in St Andrew, Jamaica.

According to the entertainer, whose real name is Windel Edwards, at approximately 7:00 pm, he was riding alongside singer Nitty Kutchie when the incident occurred. Gyptian explained that upon reaching the vicinity of the Olympia Crown Hotel, he spotted a man standing on the sidewalk. However, as he rode nearer, the pedestrian, he said, walked into the path of the motorcycle and was hit.

Gyptian said in an attempt to save both his life and that of the pedestrian, he jumped off the moving bike and his body hit the pavement. The singer, who was not wearing his protective helmet, said he subsequently lost consciousness.

“When I opened my eyes I was in this hospital,” he said.

Gyptian, whose career has taken on new life with the hit single Hold You, said he was deeply concerned about the health of the injured man and hopes to pay him a visit as soon as he leaves the hospital.

“I have made contact with several persons who know him and was told that he received minor injuries. This is really an unfortunate event,” he said.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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