Jun 14, 2010

Sean Diddy Combs On Nightline Explains Why His Son Got A Car Worth $400,000

Sean Diddy Combs( @IamDiddy )sits down with Martin Bashir on Nightline to discuss his career in the industry, business endeavors, making music and being a father. 

In addition to covering news of Diddy’s new movie, Get Him To The Greek, as well as his life as a music, fashion, television mogul, the two discussed Diddy’s parental skills.

Bashir brought up Diddy’s 6 kids by multiple women and questioned his decision to throw his eldest son, Justin, a huge 16th birthday bash. More specifically, Bashir honed in on the expensive vehicle Diddy  purchased for the teen. Bashir asks Diddy, “Do you think it was appropriate to buy your 16-year-old son a Maybach car worth almost $400,000?”  Seen video below

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