Sep 24, 2006

The Highlands Nightclub cancel Buju Banton show

The Los Angeles, Highlands nightclub has cancelled a performance by Buju Banton, after receiving complaints from gays and lesbians. The Highlands Nightclub management issued the following letter in reply to the request of the cancellation of Buju Banton’s scheduled October 3rd concert: 9/21/06 Jasmyne, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for reaching out. I was not aware of Buju Banton's lyrics or his anti-gay sentiment until yesterday when I started getting e-mails. I'm sure you and the community will be happy to know, that I have since done some research and have decided to cancel the show. I apologize on behalf of myself and the Highlands. Sincerely, Adam Manacker General Manager The Highlands Hollywood Office (323) 461-9800 Fax (323) 461-9802 ****Jasmyne Cannick is a journalist and activist,a founding and current board member of the National Black Justice Coalition. In addition, she's an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists where she is on their LGBT Taskforce. Will gays and lesbians learn to respect the veiws of others, and will they ever read Leviticus 18 verse 22.

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