Sep 11, 2006

Ruption 2K6 - A Smash Hit or Flop ???

Ruption 2K6 - 'THE ULTIMATE FIRST FETE', last Friday at the Students' Union, UWI, Mona lived up to its name. The party was in full swing from minutes to midnight, courtesy of the 7 star general Marlon aka "Forrest Gumb" aided by Richie Ras the duo spun electrifying dancehall music. Next was Coppershot which cause the real ruption in the union, the selector not only had partons rising their machines but had the females in a fenzy. The heavy bass, energy boosting dancehall songs being spun and the crazy, gyrating, wining and grinding created a true party atmosphere. Most females were clad in 'eye catching' attires , sexy and elegant. UWI girls really got wild when the Hot Wuk/Fuk tune rang out from the speakers. Females could be seen flashing their fingers, wining and dancing in a trance like state. Some men could be seen sneaking in to gyrate, while others - blatantly went in 'for the kill.' At about 2:15 a.m. Kaotic took over from the Coppershot, changing the music from the hard pace, heavy tempo hardcore dancehall beat to a hip hop beat, reeling off remixes off their hot new mix tape "BIG GUNS". Everything "sell off" when Jay and Bobo took over the control's, this signal the arrival of the Aidonia. The man was on a mission and wasted not time splitting a slew of hits from 'Kingfish', 'Breeze Off' , 'Uku Uku'... among others, which had girls scream some even crying as they took pictures with their camera phones. Leftside and Esco then joined Aidonia onstage, and the two wasted no time in getting the crowd jumping, waving, dancing and shouting, splitting hit after hit. Other young artists join the stage but the UWI crowd was not tolerant of any one with out a hit so they soon got the message when they saw the wave and heard the claps. Disappointments on the night was no show by Kurt Riley, and the lack of a efficient bar service, but over all it was a great effort by the MANS of Runci. At about 3:15 a.m. lawmen could be seen in and around the venue and soon after the announcement was made. The party had ended. Share your comments on Ruption 2K6

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