Sep 15, 2006

Tony Matterhorn has no rights to Dutty Wine !!!!!!!

Trouble is brewing for Tony 'Mentally Ill' Matterhorn and the rights to his Dutty Wine song. According to Matterhorn, the sale of his mega hit song, Dutty Wine to VP Records by producer Supa Hype of Hyperactive Entertainment is now causing problems with him getting a deal with Atlantic Records. "Some producer sell out di ting too fast and dem fi stop exploit wi music cause wi music big," Matterhorn. "Now, Atlantic waan sign mi. We had a meeting Monday a England, everything inna di final stage an VP a gwaan like dem waan fight mi," he said. According to the selector/deejay, the sale of his song came at a time when the song had already become a hit. However, Randy Chin, head of marketing, VP Records, said that despite having interest in working with Matterhorn, if he signs to another label then some agreement would have to be reached where the Dutty Wine song is concerned. "We did a deal with Supa earlier this year and we have the exclusive rights to the song. Over the last few months we've been talking to Matterhorn about doing something with him, but he has been in discussions with other labels and it will be up to him who he decides to sign with. Whoever he signs to we can negotiate, but we've been promoting the song now for the last few months in New York and that is a big reason why so many of the major labels right now are paying so much attention to it," Chin said.

Matterhorn says from now on he will make sure that all rights to his music will belong to him. "Right now, whenever mi voice fi no producer, dem haffi guh sign my own likkle contract weh dem can't even do nutt'n wid it without my permission," he said. Matterhorn will be performing in Trinidad this weekend. source:islandevents

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