Nov 28, 2006

Nas, Kelis and the Ex girlfriend “It’s No Secret,”

Carmen Bryan the ex-girlfriend of rapper Nas and the mother of his daughter, Destiny has written a tell-all book. In the latest leak from her book “It’s No Secret,” author Carmen Bryan accuses him of spousal abuse, cheating and withholding child support.She also claims she was asked by Nas to participate in a threesome with singer Kelis, the woman who would become his future wife. Bryan, who admits in the book that she slept with rap mogul Jay-Z and Allen Iverson while dating Nas, claims the Queensbridge rapper beat her "with a closed fist" after finding out about one of her flings. In turn, she "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull," whenever he cheated. Bryan didn’t limit her gossip to Nas. She also claims Kelis doesn't wear deodorant, Jay-Z scrubs his behind in the shower and Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, "to be honest, I can't take her breath." source:islandevents

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