Jan 28, 2007

Barbadian entertainment company forged ties with Ne-Yo's

JNHaigh Communications has forged ties with American singer Ne-Yo's management company and will be representing part of his interests in the Caribbean. The Barbadian entertainment company will be looking after concert bookings and sourcing new talent in the region for Compound Entertainment, Ne-Yo's production company, formed by him and one of his managers. "This is a fillip for Barbados in terms of associating with a label that has an artiste as big as Ne-Yo," director of JNHaigh Communications, Joyann Haigh, said addingthat market research to find the best venues and timing for gigs in the Caribbean is currently being undertaken. She also said talent searches would be done using radio, but that was still in planning stages, and there would be a website with a link directly to Compound Entertainment, which had bases in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and London. Meantime’s Ne-Yo’s sophomore album was almost finished. The first single, “Because of You,” will be released next month. He also he wrote some songs for Rihanna's new album and did a duet that will be on his album called “Leaving Tonight.” source:islandevents

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