Feb 16, 2007

Anthony B latest album “Life Over Death”

Reggae artist Anthony B is gearing up to release his latest album, the set entitled, “Life Over Death” will hit stores in June. The album his 12th to date is an eclectic mix of musical styles that reflects his versatility and growth. “Life Over Death” features “So Much Things To Say” a collaboration with Fugees members Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean, an uplifting feel good track with Akon called “Journey”, “Territory” a positive song calling for everyone to defend their community and nation. The album’s first single “Tease Her” is receiving substantial airplay on Jamaican radio. source:islandevents

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  1. For everyone's information Anthony's new album "Life Over Death" will be released exclusively digitally through the website anthonyblifeoverdeath.com independently with partner Zojak World Wide. Known as "The Trendsetter" Anthony is truly setting the trend as he will be the first popular reggae artist to release an album exclusively digital through his own domain! The release date is not final but you can all expect to get your hands on it within the next several weeks. Anthony will also have a single and video available on the site soon!

  2. the website anthonyblifeoverdeath.com
    doesn't work to buy the album.

    I went to his french concert 2 times