Feb 16, 2007


The ongoing animosities surrounding Beenie Man appear to be gaining considerable momentum given reports that the tyres of the deejay’s vehicle were found slashed at the end of the weekly Weddy Weddy session at Stone Love headquarters in Kingston. Sources close to the deejay were upset that the incident took place but the streets are saying that Beenie Man has many enemies in the dancehall now so the brazen act could have been made by almost anyone. An unidentified source at the event said; 'Mi de inna the dance and mi overhear Beenie ah say to someone say dem cut up him tyre dem, and it look kinda sticky pon him right now…it coulda be anyone because him inna so much passa passa wid people right now, it coulda even be a lickle man who ah walk past and just run him knife inna the tyre…the business get a way right…anyway, me ah go Bembe tonight (Thursday) fi hear what a gwaan,'. Was he driving his new Range Rover ? Beenie Man is among the artistes book perform this Saturday night at Striptease at UTECH S.A.C (a partyxtraz endorse event).

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