Feb 15, 2007

Mafia House hospitalized Don Mafia

Crushed by the emotional torment and stress from his split with Beenie Man over equity in the Mafia House production label, deejay Don Mafia found himself hospitalized for three days for “stress-related problems’ over two weeks ago. The doctors said that he was undergoing a high level of stress, and that triggered the pain-related symptoms he experienced. “It come in like dem waan me mad inna reggae music, more time, mi waan roll and mi caan roll, dem a threaten fi kill man, dem a diss mi pon TV say mi nah no hook, and how me jealous of Angel. Me neva have nothing bad fi say ‘bout Angel, so mi did haffi go pon TV fi get it offa mi chest and correct the tings dem say ‘bout me. Right now, mi kinda free up back and ah relieve the stress,” Don Mafia who wrote Beenie Man’s huge hit, ‘One Bag a Lie’, said. “Right now, ah mi career me a deal wid, no negativity, no mix up, Beenie ah big artiste, me nah dwell pon them, right now me waan have a career too,” he said. source:one876entertainment

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