Mar 13, 2007

Bounty Killa Craziest Quotes

A alliance party this any man nuh like alliance go find a appliance an bun up! - Bounty killer Champions in action 2000 champions in action 2000....sizzla boomrush bounty and beenie stage and throw some lyrix pan killa...bere forwards, then he leave.... Beenie: wah gwan wit de artist dem now, it seem like sizzla and bounty have someting, cuz him throw a fya pon de killa Bounty: me and nuh man nuh have nuttin, me have me girls get baby...!!! Bounty vs Lexus and Mr Vegas lexsuxs,ah tawk bout "gyal u betta can cook" u ever cook one ah di gyal dem wey u nyam pussy?/dutty gaygas wey used to sell him batty ah halfway tree?ah bawl bout "heads high" but ur heads between jackies' thigh,wha tek dat guy,ah tawk bout me cyaa go ah mountain dew,pussy,mi nuh care mountian dew,mountain who,anytime mi gun see u,u blood ago spew-Bounty Killa Bounty Killa vs Merciless badman nuh nyam blue draws-B.K

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