Mar 12, 2007

Beenie Man Begs For Peace

A low-grade fever of reconciliation seems to running through the dancehall fraternity like a contagious virus as word is that Beenie has made peace with Father Dozer and the Rebel T fraternity including Don Mafia. Confidential sources reported “I saw one of Dozer’s security guards and he told me that the Doctor was out there begging it out with Dozer, apologizing and working things out. It nuh mek no sense to me still because him perform free pon the show when because of him hype, him woulda get pay for it,” . Over the last few weeks, Beenie Man’s refusal to make peace with Don Mafia caused a rift between him and Father Dozer, one of his staunchest supporters. Beenie Man even declared that he would not be working on Dozer’s Spring Break show this year. However, on Saturday, Mafia House first lady D’Angel confirmed that Beenie Man would be heading to Negril and perhaps performing. And so it happened. This last minute reconciliation though a bit surprising, but welcomed by most. “Beenie Man just a do a big man ting. Him realize say it nuh mek no sense make enemies of his long-time friends when The Alliance ah fight him inna the streets and the dances,” another source said. After making amends, the Doctor gave an impromptu high-octane performance at the show. Will the Rebel T powers that be re-do the Beenie Man mural on their wall? source:one876entertainment

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