Mar 10, 2007

Cassava Piece Records inks deal with VP

It is official, deejay Mavado has signed a record deal with VP Records and will look to release his debut album shortly. According to Mavado's manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths: "VP Records, and Mavado's newly formed record label, Cassava Piece Records have entered a three-album deal. The first album is called Gangster For Life and should be released by this summer." According to Jones-Griffiths: "VP Records, they are committing a lot of marketing money to promote Mavado. They have some big budget videos lined up and there are a lot of exclusive tracks on the upcoming album. The album will also be accompanied with a DVD which will take a look into the 'gangsta' world." Young voices Some of the producers who have worked on Mavado's album include Daseca, Stephen McGregor, TJ and Famous. Neil 'Diamond' Edwards, Mavado's A&R at VP Records said they were happy to have him on board, as there is a lot of raw talent to be harnessed. "Mavado represents the young voices in the streets so we are going to harness his unlimited, raw potential and carry him to the next level. If you look beyond certain things, you can see it and he has yet to tap into even a quarter of his talent," Edwards said. Edwards also felt that Mavado had the talent to cross over into the U.S. market. "We always like to work with young talent and present them to the wider world and really and truly he (Mavado) already has one foot in the (American) market already with his song Whe Dem A Do. It was being played heavily on one of our radio stations, I think it was HOT 97," Edwards said. source:The Star

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