Mar 31, 2007

Playboy magazine gives Richie Spice 4 stars

Richie Spice will head off for his first 2-month tour in April, this comes on the heels of the release of his latest album 'In the Streets to Africa'. The tour to promote his VP Records/Fifth Element Records album "In The Streets to Africa". Released in February, the album is getting rave reviews. The March 2007 issue of Playboy Magazine gave it 4 stars saying,

...... Spice offers an exception to the slackness and hyperactivity of dancehall. One of the best roots releases in years.
The 20-city tour will take him through the US, Africa and Europe. Tour Schedule: April 11 Boston, Massachusetts April 14 Stowe, Vermont April 15 Ithaca, New York April 16 New Haven, Connecticut April 17 New York April 18 Virginia Beach, Virginia April 19 Ashville, North Carolina April 20 Cincinnati, Ohio April 21 Bladensburg, Maryland April 22 Charlotte, North Carolina April 23 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

May 4 Nairobi, Kenya May 6 Nairobi, Kenya May 8 Amsterdam, Holland May 9 Groningen, Holland May 10 Brussels, Belgium May 11 Germany May 12 Germany May 13 Leiden, Holland May 15 France May 16 Paris, France May 17 Milan, Italy May 18 Italy May 19 Utrecht, Holland

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