Apr 1, 2007

Faadaras new single "gimmi yu love"

Faadaras born in Spanish Town Jamaica has a hot single entitled "gimmi yu love". Faadaras a member of Mystic Life Band a reggae band formed out of session musicians coming together to become one to fill a gap in the british music industry, some members are from the band majestic who were around in the late 70s toured extensively,and played their last gig at reading university in 85, so this is like a reforming of old friends with one member still part of another band. Our style ? Our style of music reflects the vibe of reggae lovers local and nationally Roots Reggae we have 5 members playing Drums, Bass, Guits ,Keys, and vocals, our style also includes some RnB when we play live but the majority of the music we play is Reggae and bassed on the album by Faada Ras `Original Roots.

Faadah Ras has been working with various youth clubs teaching and giving something back to the community from his own studio, working with the next generation of artists i e vocal training, lyrics writing, studio working, along with a few upcoming young spring chickens, like Dj Nex, Slimma G, and nurturing talents like The Fya Girls,and Xperteaze, Promoting raves featuring some of the nations top notch djs like Tim Westwood, Martin Larner, Chris Goldfinger, Rampage. Since 2005 he has worked on his own projects putting together his first album, after working for other people he feels he has paid his dues and now deserve to promote himself and moove on, hence the album,Original Roots. Latin Artists

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