Apr 23, 2007

Akon @ Club Zen with 15 year old Girl

Akon ignited a scandal in Trinidad recently, after pulling an underage girl onstage for "lewd dancing" during a nightclub performance.

According to the Trinidad Express, the incident took place on April 12th at Port of Spain nightspot Club Zen. Akon called 15-year-old Danah Alleyne onstage with him after she won round one of a dance competition held at the club. When video footage of Akon simulating sex with Alleyne hit the internet, the incident created an uproar.

Alleyne's father, Pastor Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas has spoken in defense of the girl, saying she was taken advantage of during the incident.

"She likes dancing and won a competition," Alleyne said of his daughter's participation in the contest, before adding that she became caught up in a situation where she had no control.

Danah Alleyne also issued a public apology on Friday, April 20th, stating that going to the club was wrong and she didn't know Akon would treat her as he did.

Club Zen owner Johnny Soong said his nightclub enforces an 18 and over policy and he wasn't sure how Danah was able to slip in.

Trinidad's Junior National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds has been incredibly vocal about the incident, calling Alleyne "wild and stupid" and saying that Akon committed a criminal offense, "lewd dancing in public."

Members of Alleyne's church have also been critical of the pop singer, many expressing a desire for Akon to be denounced publicly and banned from public performances for singing about sexual promiscuity.

Akon has yet to respond to the public outcry.

source: sohh.com

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