Apr 23, 2007

Cam’ron Appears on CBS 60 Minutes

60 Minutes touched on the topic of snitching in the African-American community. Cam’Ron was interviewed during this segment. In this interview, he was asked if a serial killer lived next door to him, would he snitch….And Cam’Ron said,

“No. I wouldn’t call or tell anybody about him. I’d probably move. But I wouldn’t call anybody…”

Hmmm…I mean, I guess I can see why people don’t snitch…Cam says it’ll kill his street credibility and album sales…But if you ask me, I think it’s simply a fear for one’s life….What would you do if you witnessed someone being killed or shot? Would you SNITCH?!? (source)

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  1. Yeh, Cam is a clown. We just posted the full 60 minutes report with Cam'ron over at Highbrid Nation. I go into some detail on my site but I honestly think the snitchin' thing has gotten out of hand. Basically we are giving rapist murderers and molestors free reign in out communities because they dont have to worry about us telling authorities? Come on now. thats just stupid.