Apr 27, 2007

Beenie man move out leaving DAngel

Rumours are that Beenie Man had moved out of the apartment he shared with D'Angel after their marital spat last week, and moved into his Wellington Glades apartment. However, it appears that he has returned home and that the couple is working on their marriage. Beenie Man has a packed tour schedule coming up with performances in England on May 6th, in Germany on May 17th and will be jetting off to Africa on May 25th. He will return to Germany for the annual 'Summer Jam' show on June 17 and a festival on July 17 before.

However, it has been rumoured that Beenie has been relying on marriage counseling advice from his former beau and close friend Carlene, host of the TV programme, ‘Our Voices’. He has also been heard badmouthing his wife at other places. Every marriage has problems but it does not benefit you to air your concerns with outsiders who have no vested interest in seeing your marriage work. Will Beenie’s ‘boyish’ ways cause the break-up of his marriage to D’Angel? Only time will tell. source:one876entertainment

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