Apr 30, 2007

Gunfire at Young Buck After-party

Young Buck headlined a concert at a local venue named Club Paradise in Kennewick, Washington this past Saturday. Buck allegedly announced that an after party would take place at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn, and when over 50 people followed Buck back to the hotel, the after party turned violent as gunfire erupted in the hotel parking lot.

Police are still investigating reports that the fight which broke out in the parking lot involved members of Young Buck’s entourage and rival rappers. However, it has been confirmed that at least 6 shots were fired from two weapons, with bullets striking nearby vehicles, the room from which the guests reported the shooting, as well as an unidentified man who suffered gunshots to both of his legs.

According to police, those individuals involved in the shooting attempted to flee from the scene in a white limousine and an SUV however, both vehicles were stopped near Interstate 181 which led to the arrest of 11 men. One of the drivers was armed with a gun, while police say other passengers were seen throwing weapons from the vehicles.

As of now, there has been no word or confirmation that Young Buck had been arrested or detained in connection with the shooting.


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