Apr 29, 2007

Kanye's manhood questioned

Kanye's manhood questioned. As previously reported, Kanye West is one of several A-list producers 50 Cent has tapped for his third solo LP. Interesting considering that Fif kept mocking Ye's sexuality just last year. In addition to anticipation, the forthcoming collaboration has sparked a debate. Is Ye a punk for not responding to Fif and then jumping a record with him, or must he be commanded for brushing his shoulders off and getting his money?.

Fif told the UK's Tim Westwood during a recent interview that "To make this album I used a whole different process. I left no stones unturned,". "I been in the studio with Kanye West, Pharrell [Williams]. I got beats from Swizz Beatz. I got music from Polow [Da Don], will.i.am."

"I tried to see what they gon' offer me creatively," Fif continued. "If they had a direction that I hadn't already went in with the producers I was working with prior to working with them and it worked out." [Listen Here]


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