Apr 18, 2007

Snoop Dogg @ MTV

Snoop D-O double G stopped by MTV studios yesterday and took some time out from defending rap lyrics to chat with us. Rockin’ his old school rope chain, he talked about the whole resurgence of 80’s fashion. “For it all to be coming back around again is beautiful because it’s saying hip hop is here to stay. Anytime something can come back to life 20 years after it was gone and still look good and still be relevant and feel good is beautiful.”

He also said he’s never been into trends.

“I’m not really into what ever other rapper is into. You’ll never see me wearing a platinum chain like a hundred other rappers with the Jesus piece or the cross on the chain, I’m tryin’ to do me. I like to look different. I come from a different era where we really respect those who came before us, so to go back to the 80’s and the 70’s, even the 50’s and 60’s and all that is what I’m all about.”

Snoop will be making a cameo in an upcoming episode of the HBO series Entourage and will also be releasing a new animated film [which he said was adults only!] called Adventures of the Blue Carpet Treatment in July.


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