Apr 13, 2007

Vybz Kartel drops ‘Tek Buddy’ sequel

Vybz Kartel has voiced a song dubbed the Tek Buddy Sequel on DJ Liquid’s new rhythm. The song has the catchy hook, ‘tek f---k inna yu bombo gal’ that is sure to make it a hit in hardcore dancehall circles. Asked why it had taken him almost five years to do a follow-up song to his monster hit, he quipped:

If I had done it before, it would have been corny, tunes are like DNA, there can be only that can dominate an era and Tek Buddy last two year locally and about three years ah foreign. That was a tune that came along at the right time, just when Passa Passa did start up and it captured the mood and essence of that time, so it had to run its course before I did a follow-up.

Vybz Kartel hits include:

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