Apr 16, 2007

Gay comedian Stephen K Amos interviews Elephant Man

Elephant Man was tricked into a interview by gay comedian Stephen K Amos during his filming of the documentary "Batty Man". Taking its title from Jamaican dancehall slang, the documentary examines the impact of religion, music and masculine ideals in suppressing black homosexuality. Amos interviews a black man in a steady relationship preparing to come out to his mother; performs an out stand-up gig in Brixton; encounters British teens' reciting the homophobic lyrics of Jamaican dancehall acts and meets the most successful of them, Elephant Man.

Amos chats to Elephant Man who simply admits that he doesn't care about homosexuality anymore and then proceeds to describe how it isn't worth him losing money over cancelled gigs and you realise this is not a man who has changed his opinion – just someone who has been well advised as a businessman and earner. Click here for clip

Stephen K Amos also talks to Jamaican HIV groups, church leaders and a young, gay Christian prepared to speak openly in a country where homosexual acts can be punished with ten years' imprisonment - a longer sentence than people receive for paedophilia. Ligali.org best describes Amos film "Batty Man’ was the usual repetitive accusations of reggae dancehall artists and Christianity being responsible for discrimination, deaths and assault on homosexuals ie gay men (not lesbians)".

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