May 10, 2007

Beenie Man's Undisputed European Tour sold out

D'Angel disclosed that Beenie Man's Undisputed European tour has been attracting large crowds and mega publicity for the Mafia House recording artiste. D'Angel revealed that Beenie Man's tour is going great so far, he is now heading to Spain, and he told her that he is getting a great turnout at the events, but that goes without saying because it is Beenie Man. She also hinted that she may maybe join him at a later date but for now, she is am focusing on taking care of their son Marco Dean. D'Angel is also juggling her recording career along with motherhood. There are plans to shoot two videos within the next few weeks, one for her combination single, Hide with Macka Diamond and the other, a solo single, Nah Pap Down..

"Nah Pap Down is a female empowerment song where I say pickney nuh haffi pap you down as a woman," she explained in a recent interview. In the meantime, D'Angel is devoting a lot of time to her son, Marco Dean, who turned six months old yesterday. She said that she is trying her best to keep her son out of the spotlight. "My son is my life, he is the only person I would kill someone for, so I am keeping him out of the press, I want him to have a normal life, and when he is older, he can make a decision if he wants to be involved in entertainment. He is amazing, just outstanding," she said. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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