May 10, 2007

Macka Diamond releases Jamaica's first official Dancehall Novel - 'Bun Him!!!'

BUN HIM!!!.. is the name of Macka Diamonds new and explosive book. The novel, picks up where the controversial hit song of the same name, by Macka Diamond and Black-Er, left off. BUN HIM!!! Is set in today's day and age, using today's vernacular, familiar names and places, making it relevant to the times as it captures every aspect of the dancehall vibes. To add authenticity and depth, Macka uses Kingston as the backdrop and dancehall music as the soundtrack. Just like the song, the novel steps on corns, even coming across a bit bold, maybe even a bit risky at times, but at the end of the day, 'BUN HIM!!!' depicts a harsh and heartbreaking reality, but at the same time, does exactly what it was designed to do; teach a very valuable lesson... ... a lesson that so many in society need to be reminded of.

'BUN HIM!!!' Flirts with the all too familiar scenario of unfaithfulness in society as a whole. We have all heard the stories, or may even have been a participating party, but either way; one thing is for sure, if you are Jamaican, you know what 'BUN' means. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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