May 13, 2007

Club Shooting Cancelled Beenie Man Concert

British police cancelled Beenie Man's concert at the Coronet club in south London where three persons were shot last weekend. 'The Doctor' was scheduled to perform at the club on Sunday, but the London Metropolitan Police say intelligence indicated that a shooting would take place during the show forcing organisers to stop the show. But on Wednesday cops forced organisers to stop the show after intelligence indicated that a shooting would take place. The move followed a shooting incident last Saturday in which one man was shot in the arm while two other men were hit in the stomach. They were all taken to hospital where one remains in serious condition.

Over 1,200 patrons were expected to attend the Beenie Man show and the police believe there would have been chaos if another shooting were to take place. They have now called for a review of the club's licence as questions regarding how a weapon got past security remain unanswered. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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