May 2, 2007

Spider-Man 3 opens today

Spider-Man 3 has broken box office records across eight Asian markets. The film had its world premiere in Tokyo on April 15th and will in Jamaica on May 02,2007. In Japan its opening-day sales of 415m yen (US$3.4m) ranked as the biggest for a Tuesday, according to Sony. Films in Japan normally open on a Saturday. In South Korea and Hong Kong, it set new marks for the biggest opening day, taking in 3.2bn won (US$3.4m) and $HK7.5m (US$962,510) respectively. Sales in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand were the highest for any single day, opening or otherwise. Taiwan sales were the biggest for any weekday.

It was bigger than Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 everywhere," said Sony Pictures vice chairman Jeff Blake. Opening the film in Asia is seen as an acknowledgement of the growing importance of the market outside North America and Europe, as well as an attempt to curtail piracy. The film will open across the US and UK on Friday. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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