May 3, 2007

Downsound Records to sue Nanko

Downsound Records now plans to sue Nanko for breach of contract. Nanko has recordings includes the monster hit, ‘Lucky You’ and an armada of new singles including ‘Loco Amore’ which has been getting rave reviews from the local and international press. Nanko has been signed to Downsound Records and Jo Bogdanovich in production and management contracts since December, 2005. By virtue of these agreements Downsound has expended a significant sum of US dollars for recordings, videos, personal expenses and the promotion of recordings and the artist Nanko, the release said. In response to concerns raised by Nanko, his mother and their representative Vonnie McGowan, the management contract between Downsound and Nanko was modified and a new agreement signed on March 23rd 2007.

Immediately upon the signing of the new contract Nanko left Jamaica and has refused to take calls from Downsound or to respond to emails and other attempts to communicate with a view to following up on performance obligations secured by booking agents engaged by Downsound to represent Nanko. As a consequence Downsound has had to contact several promoters to cancel engagements and has suffered sever damage to its business reputation and incurred significant financial losses. There is absolutely no truth to the allegation that Downsound has taken all monies paid by promoters for its own benefit without making payment to Nanko. The relevant contracts between Downsound and Nanko do make provision for Downsound to recoup its investments from the income generated from Nanko’s services as an artist, and that is what Downsound has been trying to do. In addition to recouping its expenditures for development, promotion and personal advances, Downsound is also entitled to receive a management commission of 25% as well as to share in the proceeds of sale of recordings produced. This is the norm in the music industry both at the local and international levels. As a consequence of the clear decision by Nanko to act in breach of his management contract with Downsound, we have now instructed our attorneys to file suit against him, as all our efforts to speak to him, his mother, and his representative Vonnie McGowan have proven futile. Nanko, in a telephone interview with ZIP FM, confirmed that his mother was now his new manager and that he had "moved on". source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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