May 3, 2007

Spragga Benz and Lady Saw's "Backshot" a favourite at Jamaican Gay Parties

Investigations reveal that these parties are monthly, 18-and over, males-only dancehall soirees. In the one that reviewed by , at least three-quarters of the 'men' in attendance are femme. And they all appear extremely happy, or should we just say, exceedingly gay. Those not wearing the skirts and blouses preferred by the cross-dressers, have on decidedly female garb: multiple piercings, high heels with female pencil foot jeans (you can tell because the zipper flaps go from right to left), artificial breasts, butt pads, and of course, wigs. The dainty ones are femme with a capital F: no facial hair, nails well manicured and hair well coiffed. Not to mention the well bleached faces.

In one telling scene on the DVD, the selector spins Tony Matterhorn's Goodas Fi Dem, a petite gender-bender sporting braids down his back steps out in the middle of the crude circle on the dancehall floor. He swizzles his hips in a provocative fashion, then bends over, revealing a baby blue g-string that hovers above a pair of tight-fitting white jeans. The crowd hoots its approval. A bleached-out face man jumps in front of the camera and blurts out, "Mi hole good, yea, mi man want me." "Yea, Wendy a good good drag queen who can go Black and White and Passa Passa," another she-male declared.Word-dropping is quite common as well. One sweaty, portly male shouts at the camera, "Some gal fava old clothes party," pointing his jaw in the direction of another outrageously dressed male with a Mohawk hairstyle. Spragga Benz and Lady Saw's Backshot is a clear favourite at the party. There are several thuggish-looking gays who give gun-finger salutes to hardcore dancehall artistes like Beenie Man's Reverse the Ting, Bounty Killer's Bulletproof Vest and even Mavado's songs, and do the latest dances like Killa Swing. They even dance to Church Heathen, the selector admitting: "we de ah battyman party right now, but little more we ah go church!" The deejays are going to be ticked off when they see this DVD. source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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