May 7, 2007

Vybz Kartel super-successful show in Amsterdam

Vybz Kartel returned to Jamaica on Wednesday evening after a super-successful show in Amsterdam, Netherlands earlier this week. “It was sick, the club rum ram, a lot of people were there, and they knew my songs. They knew up to Watch Dem a Suss and my latest hit song, Wine Pon You (Fling It Up), but surprisingly, the biggest forward I got was for ‘Warn Nah Done Till the Whole ah Dem Dead’,” he told One876Entertainment on Friday.

The predominantly Caucasian audience danced up a storm to a string of other Kartel hits such as his latest singles, Tek F—Inna yu B---o Gal and classics such as New Millennium. “Amsterdam is perhaps the best experience I have ever had in Europe because of the tourist attractions, I went to all the Cathedrals, the historic buildings, even the famous dyke --not the female one – and the red light district where there was weed and prostitution which is taxed by the government and injected directly back into the economy, and their economy is one of the most prosperous and powerful in Europe,” Kartel said. The deejay said he particularly enjoyed Amsterdam because of how the country “embraced reggae, culture and all things Jamaican”. The deejay will be organising the Portmore Empire video shoot next week Wednesday in Waterford and Westchester in the Sunshine City. A European tour is also being organised to support Kartel’s new Greensleeves album in the fall of this year. Technorati Cosmos: related links

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