May 6, 2007

Jims Jones and Dipset 300 Finished with Cam'ron?

Miss Info, during an “on the record” phone conversation with Jimmy, Capo explained that he and Dipset were “collectively putting Cam’ron on punishment.” Jimmy went on to explain his stance on the relationship between himself and Cam’ron, and had this to say: “Me and Cam’ron haven’t spoken to each other in a year. There are so many times that dude did me and Juelz dirty. But I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we can’t be friends then at least we can do business together….

But now I can’t be next to you. I’m threw wit being in hot water because of you. We got to put Cam on punishment for a while. Now you’re the black sheep. We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna have to do something new.” Click here for more on Cam'ron and Dipset source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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