Jun 4, 2007

Assassin tours European May 30-June 16

Assassin is on tour again. With the heat on the streets from his video for the song, Boring Girl (song and video below) and an impressive catalogue of hit songs, Assassin hit Europe on tour. The tour started last week Wednesday, May 30 in Stockholm, Sweden and ends on Friday, June 16 in Stuttgart, France. Assassin will be releasing his new album entitled Versatile in summer of 2007. Assassin eliminates numerous misconceptions on his sophomore release Versatile.

As the title suggests, this record comes straight from the streets, but with a difference. Assassin explains that the title track is “a celebration of ghetto lifestyle as opposed to a lamentation about how horrible it is.”
Click to listen "Boring Girl" latest single Click to watch video "Boring Girl"
Instead of demonizing ghetto residents as unruly savages, Assassin’s lyrics offer an acknowledgment of the fact that people are people even without an abundance of material things. “You can still be happy while you’re working towards better,” he points out. “It’s all about not being resigned to your surroundings.” May 30, 2007 Stockholm/Sweden Mango Bar May 31, 2007 Lahti/Finland Night Club Diva Jun. 1, 2007 Franckfort/Germany African Club Jun. 2, 2007 Lecce/Italy Campo Sportivo Jun. 6, 2007 Paris/France Nouveau Casino Jun. 7, 2007 Munich/Germany Titanic City Jun. 8, 2007 Hamburg/Germany Manderin Casino Jun. 9, 2007 Berlin/Germany Yaam Club Jun. 14, 2007 Marseille/France Trolley Bus Jun. 15, 2007 Essen/France Solid Rock Jun. 16, 2007 Stuttgart/France Club Zollamt source: Technorati Cosmos: related links

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