Jun 25, 2007

DJ Face and Queen Paula get it on at Portmore Awards

Queen Paula and DJ Face exchanged harsh words with each other at the annual Portmore Awards show at Caymanas Park over the weekend. Face, who first came to public attention through Digicel Rising Stars, walked onstage dressed in baseball socks, and swinging a baseball bat menacingly, adding a touch of danger to the lyrical confrontation that was to follow.

“Is a lyrical ting, and it was just part of mi image,” she said of the baseball bat. “When she go pon stage and talk ‘bout me de wid cricketer, ah mussi see she see me backstage with the bat that’s why she say that.” DJ Face had set off quite a furore when she began to pound her baseball bat on the stage as she called out Queen Paula to clash her while Macka Diamond and Lady G fled the stage. Eventually, Paula hit back making statements about the breadth and depth of Face's vaginal cavities, and then Face exited singing a song about her sexual prowess. According to Face, it was merely the second such clash between the two deejays. “Me done her ah Clarendon at Mizchif and she say she wanted a rematch at Portmore Awards, but it come in like dem did plan a gang up ting that’s why me walk on so serious, me just go defend myself, and when mi reach, mi no see nobody, ah afterwards she come back, and ah talk, but me ah go buck her again," Face said. DJ Face insists however that the war is not done as the two will clash again at Shotta from Mafia House Birthday Bash on July 7. Queen Paula had first dissed DJ Face at Sting 2006 at Jamworld Entertainment Centre, Portmore. "After she diss me and call up me name ah Sting, me neva answer her decide say me ah go buck her on a Clarendon and mi done har there.” SOURCE Technorati Cosmos: related links

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