Jun 23, 2007

Jah Cure album "True Reflection" release date July 31st

Jah Cure will put forth his new album, True Reflection, on July 31st with VP Records and perform at his first stage show Curefest. Jah Cure's strong fan support and stream of hit singles over the last three years have carried tremendous weight for his popularity during his incarceration. However, upon his release, the real story begins. His upcoming album will have a mix of popular hits, such as True Reflection, Dem Nuh Build Great Man featuring Fantan Mojah and Longing For as well as one new exclusive track, To Your Arms of Love, which is already moving up on the Jamaican radio charts.

Jah Cure is booked for his first stage show Curefest in James Bond Beach, Jamaica between the days of August 24th - 6th September. source

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