Jun 23, 2007

Sean Paul and Lady Saw delivers at St. Kitts Music Festival

True to expectations, the second night of the St. Kitts Music Festival totally eclipsed the first night in terms of attendance, expectation and delivery, the festival runs from 21 - 24 Jun 2007. Last night was just phenomenal as it was truly remniscent of a tremendous “block party”. Tessanne Chin was charm and promise as she burst on stage with her hit single “Hideway”. She had the audience grooving to her rich vocals. The Jamaican singer seemingly was promising the audience of even greater things to come as she soothed their souls with music. She continues to grow rapidly. The last time she was in St. Kitts, she was singing back up for Jimmy Cliff, but Friday night’s performance was indicative of her tremendous growth as a solo artiste. Richie Stevens was a “layman extraordinaire” as he preached to the people with his soulful vocals and provided inspiration for all, young and old, with his songs. Lady Saw was the highlight of the evening as she captivated everyone the audience with her musical magic. She was the reason why many came out and she ensured that they were satisfied with their “investment".

She belted out old and new tunes and the fans responded by providing back up. When she sang popular tunes such as “Chat to me Back” and “My Crew”, she really demonstrated that she was still on top of the dance hall ladder. Lady Saw was not just a singer, she was an entertainer and she pushed just the right buttons to carry the audience to the peaks of hype but at the same time she was able to convince her fans and others that nothing is wrong with the more “liberal” Lady Saw. Then the ambassadors for reggae music, Steel Pulse, came on stage and even those who didn’t know how to skank had to improvise and groove to the message riddled tunes. They gave almost two hours of hits after conscious hits. Sean Paul gave a very commendable performance as he performed much better than his previous performance at the St. Kitts Music Festival. The young artiste, who is one of the most popular Caribbean artiste at present, gave the audience hit tune after hit tune as he wound down the night. Their was some level of disappointment, though, as many have expressed the opinion that he is not a stage performer and whether it was because of tiredness or disappointment, many left during his closing act. The last night of the St. Kitts Music Festival, June 23rd, has been branded as “lovers’ night” and features artistes such as Michael Bolton, Ne-Yo, Maxi Priest. Big Boi of OutKast and local musician Jazzique are also the other headliners for the night. Representatives from the major acts for night three promised patrons that the show would be magical and that there should be no fear for disappointment as they will be truly entertained. They also commended the organizers of the festival for the invitation to perform and said the St. Kitts Music Festival is destined for greatness, as it has already established itself as one of the premier events in the region. source

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