Jun 15, 2007

T.O.K "Don't You Cry" Banned in Jamaica

T.O.K latest single titled 'Don't You Cry', has been banned in Jamaica. Flexx a member of the group says it might sound a little harsh for the airwaves, but he says he sees no reason why the song has been banned. "The song is basically saying that if you ever encounter being held up by a gunman that you should not try to be a hero, but be careful. The chorus from the song goes:

'Don't you cry
If a bad man kick in the door
Waving a 44, don't run everybody on the floor
Don't make a sound
Don't you cry
If a bad man fly di gate wid a dutty 38
If yuh whisper, a gunshot straight
Don't mek a sound.'

According to DJ Sunshine, who is a radio disc jock on Irie FM, "The Broadcasting Commission sent around some letter saying that those songs were violent, but mi hear worst play and I don't think they were suggestive based on what is being allowed to play on radio now." However, the Broadcasting Commission has said that they do not ban any specific recordings or programmes. As quoted on the commission's website, under their content regulation, it says "as required under the law, the media houses have all been advised of the relevant standards". "The code then requires that broadcasters evaluate all content, including songs, using the standards which focus on portrayals of violence and sex as well as certain restricted language, e.g. profanities. "The broadcasters are then left to determine what material they want to transmit and to ensure that the way in which that material is broadcast is in full compliance with the law."

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